Big or small, every client is a partner at Tylie
1/8/2011 Businesses often like to throw around the term 'partner' to describe certain customers. These days, when you open a premier bank account or buy into an exclusive membership rewards program, suddenly you become a partner in your chosen vendor's business. Spend more money and it makes you special. But what are you really getting out of the relationship? How often does your bank say "Yes!" when you ask for a service tailored just for you?
At Tylie every client is a Partner. And that means we always say, "Yes!". Because our clients' business is our business. Period.
We're here to help you reach your unique goals. It's our founding principle. Over the years, our services have grown out of a mission to solve each client's specific problems. In fact, we got our start in New York as a result of a client need. Purina, a long-time Partner, asked us to set up a satellite office there to facilitate business with them. So, we did. That was back in 1981. Of course, the offices have since grown to service additional clients, but our growth hasn't changed how we continue to define our business - client by client, need by need.
Need a dealer credit card program? Special cataloging for stored materials? A seminar on HD issues? Or...? We'll work with you to make it happen. Because we believe that's what partnerships are all about.
By investing in each client's best interests, we build trust. Trust keeps our clients coming back. Trust is the edge that leads to enduring partnerships. At Tylie, that's smart business.
Welcome to the Tylie blog. I'm Tylie Jones, owner and founder. Here, we'll talk about our challenges and our successes and we'll share some of the insight we've gained over 40 years in the business. So check back often. We've got a lot to talk about.
Over the years, our services have grown out of a mission to solve each client's specific problems.
Case Study: 'The Catch' Saves Partner Thousands
1/5/2011 Have you ever caught a technical problem with your spot only after it went on the air? It happens all the time. And unfortunately, when it does, you end up paying double to fix the glitch and then redistribute the spot. But what if you had a second set of eyes?
At Tylie we're part of your team, so we're never going to be in such a hurry that we'd let your spot air before it's perfect. If we find a problem, we'll track you down and give you a heads up. Then, we'll help make it right before we let it out of our hands.
That's what happened when a Partner, a major automobile manufacturer, asked us to provide rush distribution all over the country on a new spot for their brand new car model.
Being the nit-picky folks we are, before we begin any order, we always meticulously scrutinize each spot we receive. This means checking to ensure the spot is on spec and in scope. It also means tracking content continuity, consistency and adherence to brand standards. We check to ensure spots are complete, they match the title, brand or event being promoted, there are no color problems, pixelation or visible quality defects and more.
So, Kevin Hotz, our Director of Broadcast Operations, conducted our comprehensive content QC on this particular order. This time, he found a glitch in the company logo at the end of the spot.
Knowing an error like this would cost the company thousands if the order was completed and shipped as is, Kevin put everything on hold and notified Lee Anne Frazier, our Director of Client Services. Lee Anne immediately got on the phone with our Partner who was able to quickly fix the error and deliver us a new edited master to work with.
Over the years, we've made a habit of strict quality control, and our clients have come to depend on it. We catch issues other providers don't. In this case, our catch saved our Partner a day of work, over four thousand dollars and a whole lot of grief.
Before we begin any order, we meticulously scrutinize each spot we receive. So, we catch issues other providers don't.