Last week within the Spectator on a about a collection of essays that Peter Coleman edited 50 years ago. Also to Coleman who wrote the Introduction the contributors had been the historian A G L Shaw, Douglas McCallum around the state of liberty, Max Harris on manners and morals, Robin Boyd around the Australian ugliness, Manning Clark on Faith, Vincent Buckley on intellectuals, A A Phillips (of your cultural cringe) around the schools, James McAuley on art and literature, Robert Hughes on art, K S Inglis on the each day papers, Donald Horne on businessmen, fake panerai watches Ronald Taft on migrants, Sol Encel on Power and Hugo Wolfsohn on foreign policy. It is a terrific shame that Brian Penton, the standout public intellectual in the century was gone since he could have written effectively on any and all of the above.

Coleman's Introduction combined a mixture of optimism and wariness of what the future held. He saw indicators of maturity in the increasing willingness to criticise Australian life frankly and firmly. He was himself at war using the antiquated laws on censorship. But all was not well, far too much was left to government initiatives and Encel's chapter focussed on the expanding centralization of decision-making in Australian political life. The "new maturity" came with unhelpful attachments.

As a number of conributors point out, Australianism has always had authoritarian undertones. Fidel Castro says his dictarorship is as Cuban as a palm-tree; swiss panerai replica an Australian dictatorship would readily claim to be as Australian as a gum-tree.

Bongiorno wrote with the wisdom of hindsight:

Australian Civilization, for all of its admirable qualities, occasionally reads like a book based on an understandable series of misapprehensions about the planet opening up in the 1960s. Its editor and star-studded cast of authors were in a position to shine light in this or that dark corner panerai watch replicas , typically with wonderful flair. However the scenario at property and abroad was also fluid, as well uncertain, to generate the types of insights into the direction of Australian society that would survive the earthquakes on the later 1960s and 70s. Australian Civilization is, rather, a solution on the almost-forgotten early 1960s - the rational, liberal and measured idealism stimulated by John F. Kennedy's Camelot, Martin Luther King's dream of fellowship among the youngsters of slaves and slave-owners, and Harold Macmillan's "wind of change" blowing by way of Africa.

Bongiorno pointed out that the winds of alter in Australia ended up supporting Whitlam plus the new socialism that's entrenched in Canberra plus the managerial class (that is not rather the way he place it). In defence replica panerai watches swiss , Coleman replied that his collection might have looked additional ahead "and waved the flag of liberal resistance for the coming ascendency with the New Class".

Interesting to note in Bongiorno's piece that the CIA did not only fund non-left anti-communist magazines like Quadrant but additionally the leftwing anti-commmunist magazine Dissent. Strange that so tiny was made of that when the funding situation emerged to create problems for Encounter and Quadrant.

This is definitely the to the collection.

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